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Walk the mudflats and covered wagon

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Walk the mudflats and covered wagon

, covered wagon experience, Active with the kids, Active in the nature, Discover the wad


Walk the mudflats of Terschelling, and ride the lounge wagon back.

We are excited to take you to the mudflats, where you can see: "That feeling I am feeling". Walk, admire, feel and taste the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site. An unspoiled nature reserve, where high and low tides flow unhindered. Experience the natural elements of the mudflats, and learn about them. 

Educational Activities

Every season has its charms, every tour its own character.
* crab catching sets are available for children (crabs stay on the mudflats)
* enthusiasts are invited to taste oysters.
* It is a unique experience to walk across the mudflats, through salt marshes, in the direction of the third duck decoy structure, and board the covered wagon or lounge wagon there.

Takes 2.5 hours.

Time depends on the tide.

Groups of eight and more on request.

Rates include a drink and PUUR mudflat delicacy, and use of mudflat shoes (size 25 - 46).

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