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Ijslander ritten bij ponycentrum De Prairie

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Ijslander ritten bij ponycentrum De Prairie

Active with the kids, Horseback riding


Are you, just like Pipi Longstocking, crazy about ponies, or do you want to be a cowboy? Would you like to pet a real pony, or do you dream of riding a horse through forests and along beaches? You can, at De Prairie!
At Pony Center De Prairie, along the edge of the Formerum forest, sweet, furry ponies take center stage. And so does the herd of children who visit every day! It is a wonderful place to be!
Is this the very first time you are riding a pony, or are a few rounds around the ring enough for you? In that case, a fifteen minute ride in the Prairie riding ring for € 4.00 will be perfect for you. Together we will find a suitable pony for you.
Ride with a swagger: Take a fantastic half hour ride through the forest on a Prairie pony! We will show you a great route through the Formerumer forest. Costs are € 7.50 per half hour. Adult supervision is required, so bring along a mother, grandfather or neighbor who enjoys walking! You do not need to make reservations, just come on by!

For experienced riders: Spend a whole morning with your own pony! Brush and saddle your pony, and then go off into the forests and dunes with a group of riders. Along the way there will be a picnic. Rides are made in small groups, and you must make a reservation at De Prairie. For your own safety, we must assess your riding abilities in advance. Costs are € 37.50, including snacks, lots of fun and interesting facts along the way. One adult can join per ride, as long as they are comfortable galloping!

Fun with a Shetland!

Our main concern is that both our guests and the animals enjoy themselves. Sometimes we organize a pony scavenger hunt, or go swimming. For adults, there are workshops on how to "mirror" horses for your personal development. Read all about it in the online Prairie Pony newspaper and at the Prairie!

During school holidays, Prairie ponies are ready for you from 10:00 - 12:30 am, and 1:30 - 5:00 pm.

Pony Center the Prairie on Molenweg 9, between the windmill and forest in Formerum.

Prairie Pony media: Prairiefoon: 06-57112107/Twitter @dePrairieponys/Facebook/Instagram/WadsApp/

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