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Donkey walks Puur Terschelling

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Donkey walks Puur Terschelling

Hiking, Active with the kids, Active in the nature


Throughout the year, Puur Terschelling organizes recreational donkey walks.
Our donkey carries a picnic and/or your child,
so that tired legs can have a rest.
Have you always wanted to tour the land with a donkey, just like Pipo the Clown and Mmmaloe?
Not only does the donkey provide rest and relaxation, but donkeys are great companions for young and old. You can walk our donkey through beautiful Terschelling nature. Through dunes, past cranberry fields, through the polder landscape, through forests and across the beach. Adults must walk, but our donkey does not mind carrying your well-stocked picnic basket as well as your child. Our donkey is sweet, affectionate, pretty, curious, faithful, funny, strong, steady and very smart. In other words: a real character. We could go on and on describing all the positive characteristics of our donkey. Unfortunately many people have the wrong idea about donkeys. Lazy, obstinate, stubborn, not as elegant as a horse and above all stupid. Our donkey is very well trained and will not be out of sorts if you lose the way or do not know what to do next. But of course he is still an animal! This means that even the best trained donkey can find himself in a situation where he reacts in a way you might not expect. He will not warn you, or the person sitting on his back. That is why it is always a good idea to give children a riding hat, which you can borrow from us. We mapped out different walking routes, lasting from two and a half hours to the entire day.
Before you set off, you will receive extensive instructions from us, and the donkey will have a final brushing. After this introduction, the donkey is saddled and you can be on your merry way! One of us will accompany you for the first stage of the walk, and after that it is just you and the donkey. You can choose a route according to length and location. Of course we can always discuss a different route or finishing at a different point.

Children up to 40 kilos can ride the donkey.

Rates for donkey rentals
Donkey rental for two and a half hours € 32.50
Donkey rental for one half day € 42.50
Donkey rental for a full day € 60.-
Departure and return time is up to you.

For families with young children we offer the rental of an island pull cart. Picnic hampers can be transported in the wagon, and when the children are tired, they can sit in it while you continue your walk.

Rates an island pull cart rental are € 7.50


If you bring hot drinks, we do ask you to carry these yourself. If a thermos flask leaks, the donkey could get badly burnt.

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