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Villagewalk through the old part of West

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Villagewalk through the old part of West

Guided tours, Excursie cultuur, excursion Culture


Knowing about your holiday destination means seeing it through different eyes and enjoying it even more! The route leads through the old part of West, past a number of historically important locations such as cafe Het Wakend Oog (The Watchful Eye), the Brandaris lighthouse, the old cemetery, ship builders' homes, the Westerkerk church, the Vermaning church, and more. During the walk - which is approximately one kilometer long - you receive a wealth of information. A small sampling: the great fire of 1666, shipwrecks, rescue and salvage operations, beach combing and objects washed up from the sea, the harsh winter Willem Barents spent on Nova Zembla, and the sinking of the gold cargo frigate Lutine. There are also more than enough tall tales to entertain you!

The excursion lasts about two and a half hours, including time spent at the churches mentioned above.

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