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North Sea covered wagon tour and pull a dragnet

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North Sea covered wagon tour and pull a dragnet

covered wagon experience, Active with the kids, Active in the nature, Huifkartochten


Ride a covered wagon to the North Sea beach. Join others to pull a dragnet through the gullies and across the seabed to catch your own shrimp! Also known as "korren", see what you can fish out of the North Sea. In addition to a large amount of shrimp - crabs, flatfish, jellyfish, sand smelts and starfish are also caught. An "aquarium" is furnished on the spot so that everyone can admire the catch from up close. The shrimp are cooked for eating. This is a unique experience for people of all ages. It is always exciting to see what will be brought up from the sea. This is a weekly excursion and depends on the tide. The activity takes three hours. Price: € € 19.50 p.p. and € 9.50 for children up to 12. Includes coffee or tea, soft drinks and cake.

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