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Bessenschuur - Koffie & Theehuys

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Bessenschuur - Koffie & Theehuys

Local products



Nowhere else will nature, culture and folklore meet as intimately as in this barn. Here you will find a unique exhibition about the hundred-year history of the Eilander cranberry in word and image. The rare Brandaris bird collection is also presented here, compiled by the tower guards of the Brandaris lighthouse.
You will also find works of islanders in this authentic attic, surrounded by historical photographic images of Terschelling. Time stands still here.
A continuous Terschelling film in the scent of wood, coffee and tea gives you the unique island feeling.
Of course we will not let you sit down and enjoy our famous coffees or cranberry teas with the tastiest Eilander cranberry cakes and the most delicious lemonades for children, both inside and outside.

Opening hours
Open daily from 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Badweg 1, West Terschelling
Tel. 0562-448800

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