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Eco Safari Terschelling: (WEST)

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Eco Safari Terschelling: (WEST)

Guided tours, Guided tour in the nature, Active with the kids, Active in the nature

Eco Safari Terschelling offers a 2.5-hour tour through the nature.
We drive with 100% electric terrain cars on paved and unpaved paths, with stories about the rich culture and history
of this beautiful island. This 'culture and history tour' is suitable for every guest who not only wants to know more
about Terschelling culture and history (not from a booklet) but also wants to see for yourself.
The route depends on wind and weather. During or after the tour you will be offered a cup of coffee or tea.
We leave with a minimum participation of 2 people.
When you have a driver's license, there is a possibility to get behind the wheel yourself.
A dog may come along, but must be quiet and must be and remain on a leash.

Do you have special wishes or questions? Please contact Maarten: 06 53 87 3533

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