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Wad Canoeing to the seal sandbank

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Wad Canoeing to the seal sandbank

Forestry Commission excursions, Active on Water, Seal Roundtrip, Sea


Wad Canoeing is a very special experience. This activity starts from the Groene Strand by West-Terschelling. Paddling round the Island with the Brandaris lighthouse in the background is a unique way to explore the beautiful Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site. After just over an hour of paddling you will reach the sandbank between Vlieland and Terschelling on which the seals have hauled up out of the water. They are so curious they will want to come and have a look at you and can pop up right next to your canoe. An unforgettable experience with plenty of seals guaranteed.

The excursion takes 3 hours and start from the 'Groene Strand'.

The canoeing can be very intense. This excursion is from 15 years old. Children from 10 years and up can go with an adult in a double canoe.

You will be able to do this excursion from half July til the end of August.

The price is € 49,50 per person.


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