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De Zeekraal, organic sheep farm

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De Zeekraal, organic sheep farm

Active with the kids, Visiting the farm, Local products, Visiting a farm


At our organic farm in Oosterend, the dairy sheep run all year round in herb-rich plots and come into the barn twice a day to be milked.
We make various hard and soft sheep cheeses from our milk, our new cheese Zilte Duinen, a raw milk cow-sheep cheese and creamy ice cream in island flavors such as cranberry, sea buckthorn and elderberry.
We also make a soft hand cream with sheep's milk.
All products are made on the farm from pure ingredients. You are very welcome in our Waddengoud Farm Shop where we sell many more delicious local products and beautiful wool articles. You can taste our cheeses, look around the cozy farm shop, see where the cheese and ice cream are made and eat an ice cream in the shopping garden. From around 4 p.m., farmer Gerben takes the sheep out of the land and the sheep are milked.
You are welcome!
The shop and visit farm are open daily from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. (except Sundays and public holidays)

Oosterend 17 Terschelling,
tel: 0562-449278



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