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Drifting Dunes

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Drifting Dunes

Beach, Hiking, Forestry Commission excursions, Active with the kids, Active in the nature

15 minutes before starting
The forester takes you along the beach and through the drifting dunes. An excursion for the whole family. Terschelling has one of the
widest beaches in the Netherlands and the highest dunes in Wadden. Huge amounts of sand grow stuck to the island
and drift into the dunes via the beach. In the drifting dunes between Paal 16 and Paal 20, the sand drifts even further,
creating extensive drifting plains and at the same time dunes as high as 30 meters. No walk is the same, because the
landscape is always moving. The drifting sand provides exceptional plants and animals. The landscape is full of stories,
such as the old dune grasslands and bunkers that have slowly disappeared under the sand and reappear.
Did you know that the dunes used to be 400 meters north, where the sea is now?
Every Thursday at 10.30 from June 27 to October
Start: Parking at the beach pavilion Heartbreak Hotel, Badweg Oosterend,
duration around 2 hours.
Price € 8.50 per person (min. participation 4 people) Pets not allowed

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