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Shrimp fishing and free to the Seals

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Shrimp fishing and free to the Seals

Seal round trip, Seal Roundtrip

board a quarter of an hour in advance

Trawl net fishing: The secret of Terschelling (
Isn't it beautiful!  That view across the Wadden Sea from Terschelling.  But..... wait a minute.... what actually lives underneath all the water?  Good question.  The answer: the original fishing cutter TS3-Viking.  This is how it goes: we fish with a dragnet from this cutter.  We bring up the net regularly and you are the first to see what has been caught.

We are going to explore what is in the net:
crabs, star fish, mussles, jelly fish and baby-size flatfish.

The skipper explains the different kinds of species, how big they can grow and how long that takes.  Seen everything?  Hop... quickly put it all back in the Wadden See and it lives happily ever after.  And maybe a few curious seals will swim our way too.  Could well be, all fun extras of a Viking exploration trip, every trip is different.

The exploration trips happen when there are enough participants (minimum of 4 persons)
It is therefore advisable to call or book in advance, to make sure that your adventure will start.

The boarding spot is De Kom, West-Terschelling.  Duration approx 2 hours.
Price: adults €17.50 per person
children 5-11 years €10.00

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