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Brandaris Race

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Brandaris Race

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On Saturday, October 19, the Brendaris Kuiper race starts in Harlingen.
This race is generally considered the largest sailing event for classic sailing ships from the charter trade. This year, participants will compete once again in different classes, subdivided into clippers, barges, and other typical Dutch seafaring vessels.
Herman Brandsma from Harlingen is the man behind this homage to Dutch maritime navigation. He organized the first race in 1994 in honor of the 400th anniversary of the Brandaris lighthouse on Terschelling. Twenty years later, this race has developed into a sailing event of great beauty.
At 10:30 am, the large clippers are the first to take off, after that another class starts every ten minutes. At 4:00 pm, all ships must have crossed the finish line. The starting line for the race is at the Pollendam Dam, and from there on to Blauwe Slenk, heading toward West Meep and Slenk. De finish is between Cardinale Meep/Slenk and Noord Meep 3(NM3).

The awards ceremony is held at the Braskoer bar in West Terschelling. Prizes are awarded by political commentator Frits Wester.




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