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Covered wagon tour Boschplaat

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Covered wagon tour Boschplaat

covered wagon experience, Huifkartochten

15 minutes for Start

Terpstra is the only covered wagon tour operator on Terschelling to take you through the "De Boschplaat", a European nature reserve. Daily scheduled tours ride through this beautiful area. Along the way, the coachman talks about the many different plants and animals found here.

De Boschplaat day excursions last six hours and take you to the Ameland Channel. This is the easternmost point of Terschelling. Depending on the tide, the tour either takes you across the mudflats or the beach. With a bit of luck, you will see seals resting on the mudflats at low tide. A break is held at the halfway point. A campfire is built and coffee and tea are served. do not forget to bring your lunch package

Reservations are necessary to participate in this tour. The tour starts at the cafeteria of Terpstra Covered Wagon rentals in Hoorn.
Adults from 12 years  €35,00
Child up to 12 years € 17,50
Pets allowed

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