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Puur Terschelling daytrip with beachride on a Frisian horse gevorderd

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Puur Terschelling daytrip with beachride on a Frisian horse gevorderd

Horseback riding


Get on board in Harlingen of one of the Doeksen ferries to Terschelling.  Enjoy during the crossing the UNESCO World Heritage: the Waddenzee. On arrival of the ferry an Arriva bus or rental bike is waiting for you to take you to Oosterend.
Here the Frisian horses are ready for an unforgettable 2 hours outdoor ride, through the dunes, forest, cranberryfields and beach.  Before you start the ride you will become acquainted with your horse and you may saddle it yourself.
We request you are present 30 minutes beforehand. On return you may unsaddle the horse and tend to the horse.  To finish there will be drinks after which you will return to the ferry by bus or bicycle.

Caps and chaps are issued for free. Advanced as well as beginning riders can go to the beach. Price includes return ferry ticket, 2 hours beach ride on a Frisian horse and bus ticket on the island.

Offer applies from 17 April until 30 September 2015. Adults € 68.50 per person from 1 person, based on 1 x ferry and 1 x fast ferry.  If 2 x fast ferry than a surcharge of € 6.70 will apply.

* Ferry return ticket
* 2 hours outdoor ride on a Frisian horse
* Rental bike or bus day ticket
* Little present from VVV
* 10% discount on food and drinks on the ferry

Reservations can be made online.  As soon as you have booked we will contact you for ferry times and other wishes.

Travelling time from Harlingen to Terschelling and vice versa: Ferry approx 2 hours, * Fast ferry (direct) approx 45 minutes.

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