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Private outdoor riding on Frisian horse gevorderd

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Private outdoor riding on Frisian horse gevorderd

Horseback riding


Horse riding is more than just sitting on a horse's back.  Horse riding is communicating with your horse from your seat and from your feeling.  The posture and feeling of the rider influences the movement and attitiude of the horse.  At Puur Terschelling  you will learn to have a good seat by becoming conscious of your posture, so that you move in tune with your horse and the island's nature. 

As seat and posture of the rider are important with horse riding, so is the development of your feeling.  Learn to feel how your horse moves, so that you and your horse can have an unforgettable ride through the dunes, cranberry fields, forest and beach of Terschelling. Naturally this will be under our expert and skilfull guidance.

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