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Power Pump (sportlessen, groepslessen, ClubJoy) @ Ieders Plak

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Power Pump (sportlessen, groepslessen, ClubJoy) @ Ieders Plak



BodyPump is a renowned Les Mills total body workout using weights and music.  A group lesson directed by a certified instructor who motivates you, supports you, challenges you, etc.  Thanks to the carefully selected music every lesson turns into a party!  In 60 minutes all your important muscle groups are challenged by the best power exercises like squats, lifts and curls.  This a training from the International Les Mills programme.  Suitable to everyone because you determine your weight yourself.

For everyone who strives for,
more strength, strong back muscles, burning many calories (600 calories per lesson), general fitness improvement, better endurance, better posture, a beautifully and tightly shaped body.

What does it do?

BodyPump makes you feel strong and full of confidence, shapes and shows your muscles, gives a good cardio workout, enlarges your strength and improves your posture.

Child care is possible weekdays during morning lessons.  Please contact us in advance.


- Taking part in the activities at Ieders Plak is at your own risk.  Respect your limitations and do not force yourself.  You are and will remain responsible yourself.
- Consult a GP in case of health issues.
- In case of health issues please seek a GP's advice before participating in a certain activity.
- Inform the instructor beforehand of any health issues or other physical matters (eg high blood pressure, menstruation, muscle or joint aches, etc).  The instructor might be able to give customised instruction
- Discontinue an activity when issues occur (pain, cramp, dizziness, nausea, etc) and inform the instructor immediately.
- Follow the directions of the instructor and ask when something is not clear.
- Nor Ieders Plak nor its instructors are responsible for damage and/or loss of members' personal belongings, nor bodily injury before, during or after lessons.

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