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Mediteren op weg naar Pasen

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Mediteren op weg naar Pasen

Wellness, Church services


Meditate in the church in Hoorn.

A circle of people in the chancel of the centuries old church, with three votive candles in the middle. Nothing out of the ordinary seems to be happening. No one is speaking, everyone is sitting quietly. Sometimes one of the participants squirms to find a more comfortable position. Some keep their eyes open, others close them. Participants sharpen their awareness through silence. They want to find peace. They are meditating.
Meditation is a conscious exercise of inner acceptance, of becoming receptive, giving your attention to something with your entire heart and soul. With this exercise we ask the body for help: we pay attention to posture, body awareness and breath. In this way we seek peace and concentration.
Special meditation benches, which can easily be made from three small planks, are useful. A small mat, cushion or a chair is also suitable. In addition to the foundation of body and breath there is also room for a more inward focused meditation. Concentration, fantasy and empathy can all play an active part.
We come together in the chancel of the church in Hoorn on

three Wednesday evenings: May 28, June 4 and June 11, from 8:15 to 9:45 pm, under guidance of Ernst Zoomers. Both beginners and those with experience in meditation are most welcome.
Registration and additional information at: or tel. 0562 769001.

Registration and additional information at: or tel. 0562 769001.

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