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Filmfestival Terschelling

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Filmfestival Terschelling

Events, Film

The eleventh edition of the Film Festival promises to be a party. The pop-up festival, which takes place on the most beautiful 
Wadden Island, is built up in a very short time. And also in no time the weather disappears. And what happened in the
meantime? You really have to experience that ... Various locations are being transformed into a cinema room. Persian
carpets, red carpets, living room plants and wooden folding chairs adorn the decor.
Van 14  t/m 17 november 2019
During the long weekend, seventy films will be shown, in all kinds of genres and with different messages. You can enjoy Film
& Food with dinner and what you really should not miss are the spectacular 'Specials'.
The film, the location, the transport ... we keep everything secret until the last moments. Really a 'must-do' during the
Terschelling Film Days ... because we will have some nice surprises in store for the upcoming edition ...

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