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Staatsbosbeheer - Staatsbosbeheer camping Lies


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A meadow in the middle of the woods. That's campsite Lies.  Here you will experience the charm of the outdoors; showering amongst the trees, and the woods and dunes as a playground for the children. The site is located on the quiet part of Terschelling.  You will find a place along the edge of the area which is about the size of a football field.  For hikers there is a separate field with covered picnic table.  From campsite Lies it is easy access into the forest; there are no fences around the campsite.  After fifteen minutes on foot you reach the North Sea beach.  From the campsite you can cycle the whole island, ten kilometers to one side and ten kilometers to the other side.  Nearby are the towns of Lies and Formerum. You can also visit the European nature reserve. 

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